Black is the New Orange

What an exciting week we had!   Sorry we’re late this week, there were some technical difficulties.

Interested in running for commissioner?   Listen up for the details.



All-Star Hangover


Today we recap the All-Star game and all the week’s action.  Enjoy!



Short and Sweet


Based on the title you may think this is an interview with Tami Peiffer.   It isn’t.   It’s a quick rundown of last week’s games, an overview of next week’s games, the upcoming All Star Game and some of our usual banter.   Enjoy!


Gabe Fleming Memorial Hockey Scholarship Fund


Today we sit down with Zak Fleming to discuss the upcoming Gabe Fleming Memorial Hockey Scholarship Fund 3-on-3 tournament and the work “the fund” does to support the local hockey community.    Please consider helping them out!

Register your team for the 3 on 3 Tourney today!!