20 thoughts on “Episode 30 – The Closest One of the Year!”

  1. I got the damn pass to greening scumbags. We owned you the last period. U didn’t even mention how we owned you the last period. Time to have a different other team member on the radio not just scumbag doeschery. Just admit it. The shoutout goo was a botched call. Bdj did not barrel through him he just couldn’t stop. Bdj can’t skate. U guys still suck. And I was a knight a Pete was too not just Adam. The Knights won’t even make the championship cause they are not the slashers or squirrels and will never be. Suck it.

  2. And I won almost all the face offs against you turds. Bet ur glad u drafted bdj and zach. Horrible team management. Losers. I expected u to be at least more respectful of our effort. We will dominate the rest of the year.

  3. How dare you give Higgins the star. U didn’t even get that many shots or good shots on him. Our whole team is the reason why. Get a fucking clue.

    1. OK…We’ll go let Higgins know that Mongoose doesnt’ think he was worthy of a Star of the Week nod. Way to stick up and applaud your teammate. If it weren’t for Higgins you guys would have lost 7-1.
      We didn’t get who got the assist on Greening’s goal because the score keeping was messed up….as we had mentioned.

      1. Shit greening was more deserving or even our newest guy “rodeo”. U guys think your so good could have won 7-1. Jesus. U guys r the one coveting ur number 1 pick overall yet u prolly won’t even make it to the championship. you guys r even sore winners. Pathetic.

      2. our whole team played well. Higgins was only a part and on ur show u made it sound like he was the only reason we were even close. If we didn’t have a goalie the net would be empty duh. It wasn’t just him. Way to go and tattle like a little scumbag.

  4. Are you guys gonna comment on Andrew Curiel and Samantha Halsted becoming Facebook official???

  5. You better just calm down Mongoose. First of all I think you were trying for douchery? And second of all I’m not seeing how I’m a worst draft than you since I hadn’t ever even skated until this year and I have the same number of goals as you. BOOM!

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