D League Radio Special – Scott Carlisle of the Slashers



D League Radio is very happy to present to you a special show featuring a newcomer to the league, Scott Carlisle of the Slashers.   Many of you have met Scott on and off of the ice but we wanted to bring to you a special story that Scott brings to the many stories that are a part of our league.

Scott’s story will surprise you and interest you. We at D League Radio are happy to share his story to help raise awareness to a battle that many people face every day. Not every setback in life can shut one out of this special game played by so many special people.

” Our challenges don’t define us, our actions do.” – Michael J Fox

Episode 19 – Mano de Dios!



The final installment of 2014!  We recap the three Sunday games (sorry Flyers and Ramblers, I’m sure it will be a good one) and look at the standings as we hit the halfway period of the season.   We also talk about the stick that magically flew out of Mano’s hand.

<insert seasonal wishes of your choice here>, everybody.   We’re looking forward to coming back after the new year.

Feel free to drop us a line here or dleagueradio@gmail.com, click on the Amazon link if you buy stuff from there so we get a kickback to fund these endeavors, share the podcast with friends and family, leave us feedback on iTunes, etc.     Most of all, enjoy yourself this time of year with whatever it is you do.

Special Edition of DLR – Nate Boulton and Curling!


In our first edition of a special series here on D League Radio we take the time to interview one of the most interesting people we know, Nate Boulton, of the Blues. This former Knight wears many hats around town including the head position on the Des Moines Curling League. You’ve seen him on TV and heard him on the radio now he is here on DLR.

You can get all of the information about Curling here in Des Moines at the league website, www.DMCurling.com

Any questions you may have you can contact  DMCurling@gmail.com

Episode 16. A Quarter Slate of Games.


We have a bare bones episode today, sorry for the lack of intro music and a few interruptions.  Somehow we managed to talk for about 40 minutes about the game-cancelling incident at Buccaneer Arena, the one game of the week, predictions for next week, current stats and banter about our Thanksgiving/Black Friday experiences.