Black Friday!!!



In this episode we recap the full slate of games from last week, name the three stars of the week and give our predictions for the upcoming week as well as pass on some information from Slap Shot on their upcoming Black Friday specials.     We also had an email passed on from a listener/proud D-League Radio t-shirt owner in New York that we read on air.   Thanks for sharing the show with your friends/family/coworkers/etc, everyone!   We still can’t believe how many people listen to this.       Remember to click the Amazon link over there <— when you make purchases from their website to line our pockets.      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and see you Sunday (or Monday).

Episode 13 The Dirty Baker’s Dozen

D-league radioAn episode so exciting we forgot to include the intro music!! This week we welcome the Head Official of the DMAHA, Tim Terrill to the show.  Ryan Lewellin is out on assignment this week so John welcomes a special guest co-host to D League Radio. You will not want to miss it.

To register for the upcoming 3 on 3 Turkey Tourney please register at  Or email Mike Beede and Matt Johnson at

Episode 12. The Trade Deadline Looms!!!


We had some really good, close games this week and one that was, well, not so close.   We had a lot of good candidates for our three stars of the week but we managed to narrow it down.     The trade deadline for captains is November 6,  so who knows if we’ll see any last minute activity.

The shirts are sold out – thank you to everyone who bought one.    Tim Terrill will be on the show next week, so send us your questions to be answered on air.    We’re also looking at putting up a play-by-play for the Ramblers vs. Rain and Hail game on Monday night.