Episode 11 – Reefer Madness!!!

iTunes-logoAnother week of exciting D League action is in the books and we recap it for you as well as name the three stars of the week.    We’re now on iTunes thanks to Matt Coleman’s technical expertise (because we have none).

We’ll have head official Tim Terrill on the show shortly, so send in your questions/comments for him to answer to dleagueradio@gmail.com or on the blog down below.

Episode 10. Mr. Nutterbutter’s Revenge!

We’re eating crow this week as we tip our hats to The Vicious Squirrels in their 2-0 shutout over The Reefers.     It was another exciting week of games and we give our analysis on those plus the upcoming week’s schedule.   As a bonus treat, we read some of the haikus and comments we’ve received on air.     If you have a comment, question, concern, haiku, etc.  drop us a line at dleagueradio@gmail.com, comment here on the blog, our facebook page or in person.    Remember, 5-7-5.

Episode 9. The Week In Review / New Player Etiquette


In this episode we recap the previous week and give our predictions/thoughts on the upcoming week’s games.    A  handful of Ramblers took delight in letting John know that we called their game all wrong – which is great.  We’re glad you’re listening and also glad to see some upsets.   That’s what makes the league fun.

We also cover the unspoken policy of stronger players not robbing the puck from newer/slower players.   An email went out among all the team captains addressing this after this weekend.     When it all comes down to it, this league is all about fun and letting new players develop skills.    Basically give newer players a little bit of room and time to skate with the puck.    To be more concise, don’t be an asshole.

We would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.    Do you have a rule of thumb when dealing with newer players?

A few other things:   We’re getting some technical help to put this up on iTunes from D League’s own Matt Coleman (thank you!).   Should be there shortly.

Also we have a couple great interviews lined up and will probably be starting doing some broadcasts of games.

…and we’re glad to see that the t-shirts have been a hit.   John has them, so drop him a line if you want one.    You’ll be the best dressed in the room with one of these babies.

Episode 8 – Week 2

Tonight John and Ryan come at you from busy Smokey Row in Des Moines and recap the second week of D League action as well as our thoughts on upcoming games this weekend – and there’s gonna be some good ones.

As always, feel free to contact us at DLeagueRadio@gmail.com , comment on the blog, via the D League Radio Facebook page or in person at the rink with any questions or comments.

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