Episode 7 – The First Games of the Year

The first games of the season are done and in this episode we recap each one then take a break to go play The Flyers and come back and recap that one.     We’ve picked three “stars of the week” out of this week’s games.    I’m sure we’re all glad to start playing games again…

Episode 6 – The Ramblers, Blues, Flyers, Rain and Hail and The Reefers….Oh, my!!



Today we’re coming at you from the press box at Bucs Arena while The Slashers and The Reefers practice.    In this episode we scrutinize the rosters for the above-mentioned teams.   Sorry if we butchered your name!   Looks like there’s going to be some stiff competition this year in our league.

Episode 5 – The Season Begins!


It’s finally time to the hit the ice!    Today we talk about the draft and then review the rosters of The Squirrels, The Knights and The Slashers (we’ll cover the other teams later).    We cover a few of the trades that have happened since the draft as well.   We’ve been appreciating the feedback on the show.    If you have any questions, comments,  want to come on the show, etc. hit us up either in the comments section, dleagueradio@gmail.com or on the Facebook page.   I suppose you can also stop us and say something at the rink too.

Episode 4 – Live From The Draft!

Tonight John and Ryan step away from the mic and hand it over to Adam Cornish and Tray Wade for real-time commentary on the 2014-5 season draft.     The first several rounds are covered as well as some interviews with the captains.     Both hosts did an excellent job on this one.   It’s going to be an interesting year.